Chemical synthesis cannot keep pace with RNA innovation. Our proprietary ezRNA™ platform builds RNA enzymatically and promises long-term manufacturing solutions to sustainably deliver RNA therapeutics at scale.

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    01 | Capabilities

    Our ezRNA™ platform is flexible and expansive. Solutions range from complete de novo RNA synthesis to single extensions off therapeutic payloads, while accessing enhancements such as site-specific modifications, fluorophores, and clickable handles.

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    02 | Modifications

    Our ezRNA™ platform has the proven capability to incorporate a diverse array of nucleotide modifications – critical for RNA therapeutic viability – including modifications at the sugar, backbone, and base. The platform can provide access to novel modifications that current production methods fails to deliver.

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    03 | Sustainability

    Our ezRNA™ platform enables template-independent synthesis in aqueous-based reaction conditions. This advancement fundamentally eliminates regulated organic solvents and provides better atom economy for sustainable solutions at scale.

Our enzymatic synthesis platform unlocks site-specific and diverse RNA modifications

fluorine oxygen nitrogen phosphorus sulfur
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